Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Running is not an option

Interesting times at the moment in N. Ireland. There is so much tension in the air. The murders in recent days have brought back terrible memories for many people. Echoes from yesterday emerging from the shadows to haunt a country once more.

I knew nothing about "The Troubles" when I moved over here from Edinburgh 8 years ago. The peace process well underway by then. I don't fully understand what has gone on before. I've heard lots of stories - but hearing stories and living on the streets where it was all happening is a completely different thing. So for that reason I have only one comment....there is always hope.

Today I took my place with thousands of other residents of Northern Ireland, from all parts of the country, from all backgrounds (both political and religious), in a moment of silent demonstration outside the city hall in Belfast. I was quite moved by the feeling of unity and the sense of hope.

My brother has asked me several times this week when I'm moving back to Edinburgh but for me, running away is not an option. So as I did this afternoon I choose to stand with my neighbours without any fear of what might happen or who will do what and shout in a loud voice "there is always hope!"

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