Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Er...has anyone seen Neil?

Remember me?

It’s been a while. There are many reasons why but none that I'm sure you're interested in. Anyway, I bought myself a netbook (Samsung NC10 if you're interested) with the thought that with the hour and a half commute to and from work I would be able to spend time writing blogs, emails, songs, short stories, letters to my MP and 101 other exciting things. The truth is all I've really managed to do is get through 2 seasons of The Wire, one season of Futurama and half a season on Eureka.

It’s so easy when you get on the train to plug in and switch off. My train journeys have never been so short. But I can't help thinking that I'm wasting time. Time - the resource that everyone has identified as precious.

You may think that with the arrival of this new post I have realised the error of my frivolous use commuter time and am spending it on the things I had intended to do. Regrettably you would be wrong - I'm currently at home, enjoying a moment’s peace while the wife gets my wee boy ready for bed.

Who knows what my future commutes hold, possibly a string of well thought, inspiring blog posts, a plethora of new songs, a collection of funny short stories, possibly even my much anticipated memoirs (yawn), all I know is that I have the 2nd half of season one of Eureka to watch...then the world's my creative oyster!

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